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👜 Fits 10+ days of clothes plus 3 dresses

👗 Keep your clothes wrinkle-free

✈️ Save €45 on extra luggage fees

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Half Garment, Half Duffle Bag

Simply hang your dresses or suits, then zip up your JenniBag to uncover a spacious area for everything else you need. From folded outfits to all your must-have accessories, there’s room for it all. Packing essentials has never been easier or more organized.

Protect Your Best Styles

Don’t let wrinkles ruin your next out-of-town occasion. Hang up a dress, suit, tux, or blazer (plus a button-up or two) in the garment compartment and stash dress shoes in their designated pockets for full protection.

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You can check the detailed airlines list that has our carry-on approved by clicking

Our Jenni Travel Bag meets carry-on luggage standards worldwide, including compliance such as:

✈️ Transportation Security Administration

✈️ UK’s Civil Aviation Authority

✈️ Australia’s Office of Transport Security

✈️ Air Transport Security Authority

✈️ Canada’s

Air Transport Security Authority

It’s suitable for flights in most countries, especially in the Western hemisphere 😉

You can comfortably pack up to 10 days’ worth of everyday clothing, along with 2 to 3 wrinkle-free dresses, ensuring you’re prepared for extended stays or varied occasions.

Our Jenni Travel Bag is made out of super high-fiber PU leather. This is a form of vegan leather that it both sustainable and climate friendly.

Absolutely not! We’ve chosen durable, high-quality PU leather over cheaper alternatives. Our bags are built to endure years of travel, resisting the wear and tear from frequent handling, especially during airplane or luggage transfers.

Our bag is lightweight yet spacious, weighing in at just 2.2 pounds. The dimensions are 20.5″ x 9″ x 13″ inches, making it a convenient size for various travel needs.

Yes, it’s crafted with waterproof Nylon-surfaced material, ensuring your belongings stay dry and protected against rain or accidental spills.

JenniBag® shines as your go-to travel companion for special occasions like holidays, weddings, or any event where you’re bringing your best outfits. It features several securing options inside to keep your clothing fixed and neat throughout your journey.

JenniBag® orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the United States in an average 5-10 working days.

Worldwide shipping (other than US) takes 6-12 working days depending on location:

  • Australia: 6-12 days
  • United Kingdom: 6-12 days
  • Canada: 6-12 days
  • Europe: 6-12 days
  • Germany: 6-12 days
  • Rest of world: 6-12 days

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